Welcome to Guacamoles Clown site…

Here you find the story about me, guacamole the clown and you will understand why I gave already more than 2200 clown noses free away and why I like to give/share 100 000 clowns noses, for free with the world. Or how I can bring easiely 60 000 000 million smiles more to this wonderful world… the answer you find here.


The Psychologie and the motivation behind this project you find here.

You find a lot of clown pictures and videos from my journeys here. Also you can upload your own clown pictures and videos here..

Also you can find ways here to support this project,.. or you can buy some clown noses to make my dream from a happier world come “faster” true,..

In the blog you find also news about what I’m doing right now… and last but not least you find the really really best recipies in the world here for Guacamole. 😉


And if you like to invite the clown to town, than you can do it here!

Love you all,…

your clown

Holy Guaca-moleee